Creative Capitalism

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Creative Capitalism


Taught by Edward Freeman, PhD and S. Venkataraman


​The first six to eight sessions of the course examines the process of creating value for multiple stakeholders and focuses on business models that “make a difference” by combining traditional value for financiers with the broader concept of value for stakeholders (including financiers). Students will examine a wide range of cases, Web-based material, articles from the business press, and other so-called social enterprises as well as the conceptual frames of corporate social responsibility, sustainability, triple bottom line, social entrepreneurship with the goal of building their own integrated framework around a company or set of companies. The final six to eight sessions will consist of a practicum for which students will be charged with examining the initial feasibility of a new business idea that rests on the conceptual frames of the course. The final project will be a presentation of this idea to the course faculty. The course is appropriate for students who want to start businesses that are based on the kinds of models discussed in the course and should feed into the business incubator and the entrepreneurship curriculum. To keep the flavor of a workshop, the course is limited to 40 students. Academic course objectives:

​Help students integrate the key ideas and approaches in the curriculum·

Examine value creation to stakeholders·
Bring together the key ideas of strategy, ethics, and entrepreneurship· Identify the conceptual frames of stakeholder management, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, triple bottom line, social entrepreneurship·
Give students practical experience testing the feasibility of a broad framework for thinking about value creation Elements of the course grade:

​Class contribution 50%
Individual/group papers/projects 50%

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